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To help understand the 'pack' mentality which will make your dog a better family member, and you a better dog owner, it is strongly suggested that you read, Nancy Baer and Steve Duno's,


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We are always looking for people to foster our dogs until we find them a forever home. Please use the form below to apply to be a foster. Your answers to these questions will help us match your needs with  the dogs in our program.  Thank you for your interest in our organization.


Fosters must be 21 years of age or older.


Please apply only if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region. Sadly, it just isn't practical for us to foster dogs out of our area.


Due to the time involved in processing applications please advise us if you are no longer interested in fostering, or would like to withdraw your application as soon as possible .  This will allow us to spend our time working on open applications to find foster and adoptive homes for our dogs.


Please do not consider adopting any of our dogs simply because they have a sad story behind them unless you are completely and totally committed to seeing them through their problems and adjustment.  Moving from place to place will only add stress to their lives and can cause more problems.  Dogs have feelings to, please think of theirs when making the decision to bring one into your home.  Our goal is to have this be the last move in their lives, their FOREVER home.


If you would prefer to mail in your application, please just print this page, fill out the fields as required and then mail back to us at: MAGSR, PO Box 353, Mt. Airy, MD 21771.  Please keep in mind that doing it this way will severely lengthen the amount of time needed to process your application.  It is MUCH faster and easier to apply online.

MAGSR reserves the right to decline any application, based on the information we receive or are given during the approval process, with no explanation to the applicant.  Information received during the approval process is considered confidential. 

Any Application not completed IN FULL will not be processed.  *Denotes required fields

Contact Info

Phone Numbers: Please include Area Code.
Please indicate who to ask for at work number.  
Also, one number must be a home number.  Cell numbers may also be listed as an additional contact number. 

If you rent, we must receive written approval from your landlord giving consent for a GERMAN SHEPHERD or GS MIX, to be in/on the property, BEFORE the application process is started.

  • You may fax it to 410-740-2010 Attn: MAGSR or
  • mail it to MAGSR, PO Box 353, Mt. Airy, MD 21771.

Due to the time involved in processing applications, please advise us as soon as possible if:

  • you have decided to foster elsewhere,
  • are no longer interested in fostering, or
  • would like to withdraw your application.

This will allow us to spend our time working on open applications to find homes for our dogs.

Please read the bylaws. We use this document to frame our policies and feel that it's important for all prospective members to read. You may read the Bylaws here.
Code of Ethics
Please read the Code of Ethics. It is the statement of our guiding principles and standard of behavior. You may read the Code of Ethics here.

We appreciate  your interest in becoming a foster for our organization.  You must understand that most of the dogs that come into our rescue come from shelters and humane societies or they were strays, so their complete history is not known.  It is possible that the dogs we take into our rescue have been abandoned, neglected, mistreated, or even abused. Although we evaluate dogs prior to accepting them into our rescue, we cannot guarantee their temperament of any of the the dogs since most of their histories are unknown.  Working with the rescued dogs comes with risks.  By sending the application, you are acknowledging that you understand and accept these risks.

By submitting your application, you are declaring that: you have never been convicted of animal abuse, neglect, or endangerment and that if this changes you will inform the MAGSR Board of Directors immediately or withdraw from the group and that the information provided in this application is true and complete to the best of your knowledge.  MAGSR can and will deny any application if an applicant has falsified any information provided during the approval process.  I understand that if this application is sent incomplete then I will not be considered for approval.

Further, if approved to foster, you understand that you are agreeing to become an official member of MAGSR.  Part of being a foster and member for MAGSR asks that you be added to the group's Forum (email address above will be used) - our primary means of communication.  As a foster and member of MAGSR, you are agreeing to remain part of this Forum group so that you are aware of events where your foster dog would  be invited, aware of concerns, and kept up-to-date on issues related to your foster dog, etc.  If you refuse to be a part of this message board forum, you will not be authorized to foster for MAGSR.  Information on how to join the Forum will be provided to you upon your approval to foster.

Please be patient while the form goes through, it may take a few seconds.
You should see a thank you page once the form has been processed.

You will receive an automatic confirmation of submission immediatedly after the form is submited. You should then hear from us within 48 hours once we receive your application.  If you have not heard from us by then please email us here to inquire about the status of your application.

If you get an error message, please try to submit the form again. If the problem persists, please e-mail us.

Thank You!

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